Hey EMC!

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  1. Hey EMC! I Joined this server about 2 years ago but then something happened and I couldn't play in thoes two years but im now back and im trying to recover after that.

    Also my name is Adrian and im 14, I love computers so I'm gonna be studying about that when I get in college.

    I usually build Redstone contraption so you can visit my resident to see them. But I didnt make any yet because I haven't got enough resources.

    I also have a YouTube channel, Twitter page, Twitch channel and an Instagram page and you can find them in my signature (if you can see them) so please check them out.

    Edit: Well it didn't display the signatures so heres the links to my social medias

    YouTube: SpyTheGamerX
    Twitch: SpyTheGamerX
    Twitter: SpyTheGamerX
  2. Nice!
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  3. Haha yeah, I was shocked when I looked at who liked my post because it said "607 liked this" but then I realized it was your name
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  4. Haha, that's amazing xD Interesting name, isn't it? :)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  6. Hey, welcome (back) to the Empire!

    If you need some help, I'm usually around at SMP9 or SMP3
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  7. Welcome back fellow Emc member! As I, FoxyRavenger was in the same boat. I usally run around smp7 and smp1. Don't be alarmed of my frightful figure. I am quite peceful and like to have fun with other members.

    I hope you stay longer than 5 nights ;)
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  8. Yeah lol
  9. Thanks :) I'll try visit your res soon
  10. Thanks :), I seen too much of your kind so I'm used to it
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  11. Welcome to EMC! This be the place to be !
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  12. Welcome back to EMC, smp4 rules
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  13. Too much? What is that supposed to mean!? :eek:
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  14. Welcome. if you are from smp6... you probably will remember me... lol
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  15. I mean not too much but I seen a lot that I got used to how scary they are
  16. I cant remember if I played on SMP6 before but I play on SMP4, also thanks :)
  17. :) cool to see a returning member! I hope you enjoy and can stick around for awhile!
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  18. Hi Adrian. Welcome back to the Empire. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay. :)
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  19. Yeah but I can't be on the server all them time

    Thanks:) I will