Hey EMC :)

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  1. Jeez, been here for what seems like ages and haven't even introduced myself yet. :D

    Anyways, this is actually my brother's Minecraft account, but I use it for EMC (which means if I annoy him, he can just get on and delete my whole res, lol). Just call me Aethan. :) I'm from Perth, Australia, and in MC I enjoy farming, tunnel mining and archery.

    My res is on smp4, but most of my friends are on smp2 now after we moved server, so I spend a lot of time on that server too.

    Nice to meet y'all. :D
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  2. g'day mate, welcome to emc :) well welcome to the introducing part of the forum! :D
  3. Thanks. :) Love your signature. XD
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  4. Cool. Another Aussie! Welcome to the Empire!
  5. You're an Aussie? From where? :D
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  6. I'm Queensland. Where exactly I won't say.
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  7. Awesome. :D
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  8. Lol welcome there another well known person also from Perth but you'll have to talk to a few people to find out who that is :)
  9. @Southpark- Okay! That'll keep me active on the forums XD
    @Sonicol- Hey :)
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