Hey dudes! Let's talk :)

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  1. Hey hi! As many of you know I'm Jcplugs :) I go by Makayla or Kayla or alyak, Whatever suits your fancy. Recently I've been feeling pretty outta the loop of EMC and would love to get back into it! Start a PM with me and just tell me about your day! I want to get to know you guys a bit more :)
  2. Hey, Aylak is what I call you. Nobody call her Aylak! :p
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  3. I LOVE your signature! That is totally me from 9:30 to 10 PM every night. hehe Once past that time I am good to go. :D
  4. Found it on reddit and im like yeeee

    Hai jamis
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  5. Hello stranger, it's been a while :eek:
  6. What if Jcplugs suits my fancy?
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  8. Then it suits your fancy brah ._.
  9. jadekayplugs, 8 dayssssss
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  10. Hallo!
    hey dude :) how've you been?
    Then that's just fine! What of 706 fits mine? :eek:
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  11. Eeeeeee I knowwwww one week eeeeeee
  12. Hai! :D We should talk more. :p
  13. Do et! Talk to meeeee. I'm not very scary...
    :eek:oo Hey
  14. I've been well thanks! :D how about you?
  15. ur bill
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  16. Ill talk to you if you fedex me the alpaca... :p

    Come on mumble more
  17. Quack (me in real life)

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