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  1. Hey, I just met you all
    You'll know me maybe
    Yes I am an alt
    Guessing who I am will drive you crazy.

    It's hard to look like
    a little piggeh
    I'm not the cow
    Who I am is a secret

    Okay.. so the last line didn't rhyme...
    and if you do know, eg: I told you then don't mention it. :)
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  2. X_i_like_a_pigX?
    EDIT: i so read that to the tune of call me maybe...
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  3. Is this a small call me maybe parody? I know who it is ;) just not ruining it for everyone! LOOOOL
  4. You gave it away for me xD
  5. I know for sure it's not X_I_LIKE_PIG_X
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  6. sooo many people are missspellng it, it xI_LIKE_A_PIGx ;)
  7. grrr i wanna know D:
  8. It's ICC of course. xP
  9. I love mysteries...
  10. i dunno if thats supposed to be a hint but i think i may know who it is if that was..
  11. not soo sure...
  12. I think not.
  13. I don't think it is IcC... but I don't know who...
  14. I'm pretty sure you're one of these people:
    Hope I'm right :p
  15. The piggy thinks that no-one has guessed correctly yet.
  16. Did IcecreamCow say hello to you?! I think he will love your name :D
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  17. Are you related to IceCreamGoat?