Hey alll <3

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  1. Hey guys and girls my name is Ashley and ive just joined this awesome server :3 looking forward to meeting all the members and having fun well.. ttyl :p
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  2. Good to have you Ashley :)
  3. Hi Ashley. Welcome to the Empire! Very glad to have you. Where did you find us?
  4. Well u cant play atm, unfortunately there are some errors with the minecraft.net Hope it will be back up and running soon :)
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome :3 ive actually found it browsing on the internet.
    Oh and by the way this is only my second minecraft server ... my old one was turned off which made me really angry :D
    Soo.. i just want to have some fun in a new one :p
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  6. Awesome. We like to listen to you guys in terms of new ideas, so please throw any ideas out there in the forums when you have them. :)

    While we all wait for Minecraft.net to get back up, take a gander at the Empire Guide. It should answer almost any question you'll have when it's back up. :)
  7. Already did read all the rules and helpfull stuff ;p ty !
    So you are one of the administrators?
  8. Yes, JustinGuy and myself are the owners. :)
  9. Welcome to the Empire Ashley! the most glorious Empire in all of Minecraft.....if only i could get the will to finish up my residence :/ ,but anyways welcome again!! :D
  10. Another joins the EMC family. Welcome. :)
  11. Oh HI ASHLEY! Nice meeting u :) Welcome to the EMC family! Hope seeing u at the empire!! Have fun!
  12. Welcome to the Empire Ashley! Don't see many female minecrafter's around, but it always warms my heart when I do see them :D ! Can't wait to meet you on the server!
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  13. zander you are aware there are more then u realize they just remain anonymous. just thought i would let you know that zander
  14. I know that perfectly well Zerreissen, but it is because they remain anonymous that I don't know I meet them and therefore I make sure to say hi when I do meet them. I only know of 3-4 female minecrafters that I have actually played the game with and talked to.
  15. 3-4 is the same number i have in my head too and oh i see...you can't say hi to the guys only to the girls? BIASED I SAY!
  16. Lmao, I said hi to everyone on the server when I first joined, and no I am not biased I was just being a gentleman. :)
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  17. hmm i guess sarcasm isn't a font :/ i am a gentleman through and through myself but i digress lets not flood this topic as it is in poor taste. cheers welcome for a third time and such!
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  18. A very warm and welcome to you ashley! :D I do indeed hope to see you aroun EMC. Welcome to the family as well! (btw im extremely generous and give ALOT of free items and id be glad to provide you with iron tools, food and many building supplies!):)
  19. Welcome to the server =] my favorite one yet.
  20. @Zander and zerriesen I like how you guys welcome her with an argument XD and btw don't forget bout Liz she's a girl :p