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  1. Well I figured I would say hey and introduce myself. I am Dreacon78 and I enjoy building large structures, exploring, and making money on any server I play on. I am sometimes helpful, so long as I am not pestered to do so. Look forward to trying out the server.:)
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  2. Welcome you have come to a great place :)
  3. Looking forward to seeing how things go on this server. So far so good, though I have been pretty busy IRL so hope to get more time soon.
  4. More info?

    EDIT: Must have posted at the wrong thread lol.
  5. what do you mean more info??
  6. Welcome to the empire!! How did you find out about us?
  7. Hey Dreacon, welcome to EMC. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these "large" structures. :)
  8. I used the Server listings to see which ones might interest me and then checked out the website.
  9. I got attracted to the server via a banner you bought on a server listing site. I just googled "minecraft server" and EmpireCraft sounded really interesting to me.
  10. Welcome to the Empire :)
  11. I really like the fact that I can go out into wilderness and run into to someone and not have to worry about them killing me. granted getting creeper hugged still sucks...
  12. Unfortunately, that's not always true. There are some bad seeds with murderous intentions wielding 259 (flint and steel) and/or 327 (lava bucket), using these item(s) to bypass the no-pvp system. IF you ever come across someone who tries to burn you, the F2 button is what you need to counter them. :)
  13. ya screen shots are a griefer/rule breakers worst nightmare as there is not defense for it....
  14. Welcome to the Empire!
  15. Mine was one of those ads on the top that said "Claim a big res!" And I'm like "SWEET! No Greifing!"