Hey AlexChance... (And shop owners)

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  1. Coming in 1.4.6 update :)
  2. :D

    tripple enchantments are fixed!!!
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  3. :O Aikar you have done it again! Another thing to ruin the economy!
  4. Great!!!! Thank you so much aikar!!!!!!!
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  5. I think we might all know Aikars alt now...
  6. Lol. xD
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  7. What about enchanted non-tool items, like an efficiency 5 silk touch 1 stick? It's obtainable in creative...
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  8. What aikar did? I dont understand
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  9. i think it is funny how u say AlexChance and shop owners, it makes him sound special.
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  10. If you read the chat, it says what you are buying and how much and asks if you are sure you want to buy it, if so click again. (I've only noticed this with potions before) Anyway you're now able to buy items with multiple enchantments through a shop instead of having to auction them off in town chat or on the forum.

    Alex is special. Everyone is special. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  11. Pfft, it's obvious that with more accessible multiple-enchantment pickaxes, everyone will be able to mine resources for themselves extremely easily, which will create an era of post-scarcity on EMC devaluing all resources beyond what an economic equilibrium can cater for, thereby destroying the economy. Typical of Aikar -___________-
  12. But before i could buy items in shop
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  13. Yes but there were a lot of people who tried to sell items with more than one or two enchantments and they couldn't. The sign gave them an error. Aikar has fixed that is what I am saying.
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  14. Oh Aikar, why must you hate the economy so?
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  15. oh. Thnx Aikar!! lol'z
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  16. Alex was one of the most vocal ones about wanting this bug fixed lol.
  17. Actually, that is just some random player from SMP9.

    Copied Residence config file from SMP9, but its an empty world I just plop stuff on nearby spawn.
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  18. Yes! Enchanted items are cheap now! You fixed the economy! :p
  19. Did you not read my paragraph? He ruined it. Aikar always ruins the economy. Even things meant to benefit the economy become destructors of the economy when put into use by Aikar.
  20. I just noticed that says "Dig Speed" on a pickaxe. I love how some of these enchantments sometimes sound like they don't make sense. "Silk Touch Axe" "Fortune Axe" "Fortune Shovel"
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