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  1. Okay, so I really like minecraft.

    I usually play by myself, but I've found that playing alone really starts to get frustrating/boring.

    So, I decided to join a server... and this one seemed like the perfect fit since I've never really been a fan of the idea of PvP (in any medium, really...)

    But I hope to get to know some of you really well!

  2. Welcome to the empire!
    Have an internet high five! :D
  3. Welcome to the best server ever! How many servers are ran by a purple cow? That's right, only this one.
  4. Free radioactive hamster included..

    Welcome to the Empire!
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  5. No, he is electrified
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  6. Welcome to the Empire. What server do you play on?
  7. I think this is his first and only server
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  8. I believe dresden meant which server on EMC will he be playing on. :p

    Welcome to EMC Anz! Have fun and don't be shy about asking for help around here. The members here don't bite much. :p

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  9. I disagree, he is on fire.

    Anyway, welcome to the empire, where the creepers hug back.
    Seriously, if you see a creeper on fire, beware.
    Apart from that, if you ever need any help, I'll probably be on smp4, (though I can't guarantee that), and will assist with anything you need.
    I would say enjoy your stay, but if you're like most of us, you won't be leaving. :p
  10. Hello!
    I do think you should join me out in the frontier sometime.
    We can have a good time :D
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  11. Hello and welcome to EMC! I'm the, uh…person who could use a title…
    Nice to meet you and hope to see you around! :D
  12. Hello! What SMP are you on.
    This server is the best thing to ever happen in the history of the universe.

    Ps. Don't tell anyone but SMP9 is the best.
  13. WELCOME to Empire Minecraft :)
  14. Welcome to EMC, the finest group of servers you'll ever meet! I'm Hashhog3000, as I suppose you guessed. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! I just know you'll love it here. :)
  15. ;) Welcome to the Empire! :cool: