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  1. Hi there! I'm TheApostrophe. :) Just joined a few minutes ago and I can't wait to learn more about this server. I like building and exploring, though I'm not very good at it. :p Anyway, I can't wait to meet you all! See ya. :)
  2. Welcome to EMC internet stranger!
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  3. Welcome to our empire :)
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  4. Welcome!
    Which server have you decided to make your home?
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  5. Welcome to the addiction!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire, where creepers hug back!
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  7. Welcome to EMC! :D
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  8. Hmmm... haven't made a decision yet. Which one do you all think I should choose?
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  9. Let me get mah cheerleading clothes on. :p

    S! M! P! 4!
    Throw the others out the door!
    S! M! P! 4!
    We have so much for you in store!
    S! M! P! 4!
    This server sure is never a bore!
    If you really want something great,
    Don't choose one, two, six, or eight!
    If you really want somthing fine,
    Don't choose three, five, seven, or nine!
    If you really want something grand,
    SMP4 can lend a hand!
    S! M! P! 4!
    Come bow to our fearsome roar!

    Ah, that was fun. :p Anyway, in all seriousness, SMP4 is a fantastic server. We're not too lonely but not too crowded at the same time, our server color is red, we are home to the Firefloor, and I really do think that in general we are a great fit for many new players. However, listen to what all the others have to say as well, because as a whole this is a fantastic server no matter what SMP you're on. :)
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  10. I got my first res on smp5 cuz it's the middle number of the 10 servers, and besides I always have stuff prepared for Tuesday and Thursday mobarena... :D hope you enjoy your time on EMC and just saying, ask if you need help, the staff are the only people allowed to bite your head off. No pressure... :p
  11. In which timezone do you live?
  12. I think I'll go with SMP4. Thanks, all! I'll make sure to visit the other servers at some point.
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  13. Yay! Another SMP4 player! :D
  14. You love adventuring and building but aren't good at it? What a coincidence! I'm not good at that stuff either! I feel like we're going to be best friends.
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  15. Welcome To the Empire!
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  16. Well, i hope you will not be one of those players who joins, gets a few diamonds and leaves ;) there's a mobarena every Thursday and Tuesday 4:00 EMC time
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  17. Thanks for the info! I don't plan on being one of those players. :)
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