Herobrine removed

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  1. Just thought I'd point this out. It is officially not in the game as of 1.6 (not that it ever was lol).

  2. They do this in all the versions
  3. That's a tradition that Notch did before he stopped working on Minecraft. Jeb forgot to do that the last two updates, but Herobrine was NEVER added in Minecraft.
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  4. Hey wait, everyone remembers 1.6 beta, right? And how it also had this? Oh god.. I think Mojang must be planning something...
  5. Herobrine is always removed
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  6. Removing ALL the herobrines!
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  7. Oh I feel stupid. I guess I just never noticed this before. Sorry. I thought it was funny. I guess the joke's on me!
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  8. haha They love putting "Removeed Herobrine" in it. I think last one was 1.4 I believe its all in good fun anyways. :D
  9. Herobrine was created when minecraft was created. Actually, Herobrine is a virus that somehow got into Minecraft. He builds small pyramids and uses redstone torches instead of regular torches. There have been many Herobrine sightings, either in mines or off to the distance. But he never comes close or attacks...just watches. And just as you get a glimpse, he disappears. Herobrine IS REAL! I don't have proof but i have a story.

    I was in my house when the sun was coming up. Then I went outside to harvest my crops like i did every morning...While I was harvesting, I saw something off into the distance. I zoomed in and i saw the outline of a player. I pressed tab quickly because I thought some one had gotten on the LAN. No one was on except for me. When I looked back i took a screenshot but nothing was there. The player disappeared... It wasn't a mob because it was midday when I saw Him. I don't play on that world anymore because I'm afraid of Herobrine... HEROBRINE IS REAL!!!!
  10. Haha, yeah... Herobrine doesn't exist. :)
  11. Herobrine isn't, in fact, real. He wasn't even thought of by Mojang. Your story is so full of plot holes, though. A virus couldn't create extra classes and get into everyone's .jars like that. If he was created as Minecraft was and was a virus, then the person who made the "virus" would have to know about the whole game before it was even made. And the first version of Minecraft had limited worlds, it was always creative, and redstone wasn't added yet.

    In the original version of the Herobrine story, Herobrine built pyramids, dug tunnels, and could be seen for extensive periods of time with your render distance on tiny.

    Nobody who claims to have seen Herobrine has had any proof.
    Also, I have this picture:
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  12. sounds like this came from reddit, just saying....
  13. Hehe, I joked everyone :D I know Herobrine isn't real....or is he? :confused:
  14. And yet he keeps coming back. It's like trying to kill Kenny.
  15. *cough* creeper *cough*
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  16. d00dz herobine iz rel i swd him whn me presd f5 twice!111
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  17. I though hero brine was a old glitch were a player would see a person randomly
  18. And how would there be a glitch where a player randomly appears in game even if in the first versions of Minecraft it wasn't possible for multiple player models to exist?
  19. Your a funny guy. :p
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