Heres my best enchant creation

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  1. This is my pride and joy It is unused and Ill admit id sell it if I got the perfect asking price for it. I love it though be. Whats your favorite enchanted item that youve made? d.png
  2. 1r sound good? sorry, i always wanted to say that xD
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  3. Nice :) God-bows are such a lovely thing to have.

    My best creation is as posted, but to really understand how special this thing is, I need to tell you a little story...
    Reaper is the first sword I made when TitansBobcat and myself first settled New Atlantia and completed our enchantment room / town library. It came out nearly perfect: Smite 4, Knockback 2, Looting 3, Fire 2. I could not have asked for a better sword, and it saved my stripey ass many times as we labored to construct the outer walls, gather materials, and establish our tiny wilderness kingdom. Eventually though, the legions of zombies, skeletons, and especially spiders it slew took their toll on the poor blade, and after a few weeks I looked on in sadness as the usage bar dwindled deeper into the red. I hesitated to draw it, knowing each kill was only making it weaker, and bringing closer the day when I had to say goodbye to my precious sword.

    And then the 1.5 update happened, and we were blessed with Anvils! With enough XP and diamond, my sword could be restored! So I created an anvil from our stockpile, placed it in the Armory, and... sighed in despair as red letters told me my sword was "Too Expensive!" and could not be fixed.

    Days passed. Only a sliver of use remained, and of course the mobs never stopped coming. We'd built our walls, but now that our villagers had spread out, we were subject to Zombie sieges. I enchanted other swords, but none could compare with this one. Then, one day by pure chance, I happened across a post from Aikar.
    Could it be true? I had stockpiled over 60 levels in the hope that "too expensive" could be overcome, but I had not attempted to actually use them. I returned to the anvil, placed my materials, and prayed. And my prayers were answered - Reaper was restored, and named.

    Knowing that I could now keep my masterwork blade, I poured more XP into it, raising its Smite to maximum and giving it one of our precious Unbreaking 3 books as well. It has served me faithfully in defending New Atlantia ever since. But that is not the end of this story - there is still more to this miraculous blade!

    After bestowing it with such a name, it seems the sword has an uncanny knack for defying death itself. On two separate occasions, I have fallen into lava and perished of fire, yet next to my remains, still floating amid my surviving possessions, Reaper has sat awaiting my return. When I fell to my death in the chasm below our Keep, Reaper remained safely in place beside a flowing stream, which carried many other materials away into the darkness.

    That is the story of my sword, and though I have enchanted many diamond blades, none will ever be as precious to me as Reaper. It defies death, and delivers it swiftly to all who would do me harm.
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  4. only 1R nope I think I shall keep it take it to my hidden outpost on another server
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  5. Thanks for sharing thats a great story. I wish I had that awesome of an origin for my bow truth be told I just got bored and decided to enchant stuff
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  6. My best enchant was a stone pickaxe with Silk touch, eff V and Unb. III, miss that great pickaxe.
  7. Glad you enjoyed :) It's really the first time I've gotten to tell that tale in any great detail.
    As for your own bow, I'll just say that wilderness living has a way of making everyday life into an adventure. ;)
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  8. Bumping this because I'd really love to hear anyone else's tale of a particularly valued item. :)
  9. That, that nearly brought tears to my eyes.

    I always am too scared to ever use my nice stuff XD
  10. I made the same bow as you, I wanted to make it to sell, and was hoping to get 50k because one bow with the same enchants sold at 55k but the current bid is only 5k :(
  11. Well, in the olden EMC days, (200-300 days ago) Enchants like a God Bow, God Sword, would go up to 70k if I remember correctly, their was no anvils, so they were rare enchants. :)
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  12. Wrong quote?
    I'd say 6-8k is the max for any bow.
  13. Back when I was not a supporter and had not that many rupees (like 100k) I made my first God sword :D I grinded Endermen for about 2 hours to get it and the Unbreaking 3 book. It was great :D Also I named it "The Power of the God's"
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  14. Not a lot f rupees? The best thing I got that was enchanted was villager trade and it was an unbreaking 3 and efficiency 3 pick. I am not a fan of enchanting mostly because of the randomness of it. I always think I will spend a bunch of levels on something and get bad enchants.
  15. I won't say my r balance but yeah, I guess 100k is alot i guess
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