Here It Is My Suprise

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by pinkqueen95, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. On Christmas Eve I will be reading The Night Before Christmas I want everyone from everyone SMP to come and listen I think this would be really amazing its going to be on SMP7 I hope to see you all there

    Date: Christmas Eve
    Time: 8 P.M. EMC Time To figure the time do /time
    Location: EquaLivern 3 res to get there do /v EquaLivern 3
  2. Please Come
    I Hope To See
    You All There
  3. Every year since I was born my parents read the night before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

    Looking forward to this : )
  4. Looking Forward to seeing you there. :)
  5. Make sure you tell people about it! spread the word! :)
  6. Good Idea Equa,
    Don't Forget to Spread the Word to all your friends on all the SMP's
    Can't wait to see you all there
  7. Okay so, here my deal if everyone on every EMC help me with donations for the big Christmas Gift box i'll open the gift box to everyone on the EMC server but you have to help get enough donation, to donate go to SMP7 and go /v tomijo95 and donate to the gift box if i get enough donation i will give everyone who shows up to the Christmas Eve story a Christmas Gift
  8. Please try to bump threads only once every six hours :)
  9. I am just trying to get the message out there. Because i think everyone would really enjoy this.
  10. I understand that, but that doesn't exempt you from the rules.
  11. I didn't know there was a rule about it. Maybe next time just say hey EMC friend didn't know if you knew but there a rule that you can only bump a thread every 6 hrs don't want you to get in trouble. Okay that would be nice.
    And by the way I am not trying to be rude just saying okay remember that next time in case someone doesn't know.
    Than you for telling me the rule.
  12. That's really what I said...
  13. Lets keep this going!
  14. Do /v EquaLivern 3 to see the amazing res of where the story is being told you wont be disappointed. :D
  15. Like, Share, and Spread the Word! :)
  16. Date: Christmas Eve
    Event: Reading of The Night Before Christmas
    Time: 8:00 P.M. EMC Time
    Place: 14421 or EquaLivern 3rd res on SMP7
    Hope to see you there

    P.S. Come Check Out The Res You'll Love It
    Its Amazing so much hard work but worth it
  17. Lol, it will be Christmas Day here in NZ :p Have fun everyone who can make it though :)
  18. I hope you can still make it wether its christmas day or christmas eve where you live come and try to make it. :D
  19. Woooo! 9 days to go!
  20. Yay!!! Only 8 more days to go!!! Woot Woot!!!