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Is this great information?

Yes 7 vote(s) 70.0%
No 3 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. Guys I created this thread to tell you, that some actions may have some consequences .
    Here are some things you should do in the Empire. (This is for new players)

    1. Don't give out Res Flags left and right.
    Flags give permissions, such as Build and access to chests. Only give them to people you TRUST! This includes Friends and People that have a good reputation in the Empire. Staff isn't going to replace your stuff if someone griefs you or steals from you.

    Guys read the tutorial, it provides help information that goes on in game. If you ignore it, well some people may find you annoying due to all the questions you have like: How do I get to the waste?
    Its in the Tutorial you cant miss it.

    3. Donate!!!!
    Donate to the server to keep it alive!!! You get perks if you do. Diamond is the best rank out of all of them. It might be $20 dollars a month, but its helping the server. Donate!!!!

    4. Don't Go Direlect !
    If your not a supporter, you cannot get direlect protection, only Supporters can (Unless you buy a Voucher) If you don't go on the server for a month say "Goodbye" to your residence!!

    5. Don't rely on others
    Don't ask for things constantly, people will ignore you. Example: Can I have 2,000r? Its called Selling items or creating a shop. People will not hold your hand.

    I hope this thread helps new players. Share this thread with them. Only Post Questions and things that relate to the thread. Don't hate on this thread, its for new players.

  2. Should I make another one of these?
  3. I voted no. Its not great information, its good information. And yeah; I vote honestly.

    Point 1: good point, but the issue is that newbies are likely to trust "friendly" players. My take: Give a "place" flag instead of a "build" flag. Let people add stuff to show you "how its done" without risking them to destroy stuff.

    Point 2: Should be #1 IMO :)

    Point 3: No offense; but no valid point. A player who "don't-nate" yet answers newbie questions every day he's on is usually worth more than someone who donates and remains quiet. "Get involved!" is what I'd get at.

    Once again, need to stress out: I am not negative. But.. meh; just being honest here.
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  4. If its "good information" why did you vote no? Still great, good = great in some ways.
    also point 3, is actually a valid point, no offense. You don't have to donate and not every donator is quiet.
  5. Definitely things to consider!
  6. PThagaard, Copherfield, jlopez24, etc. Lots of friendly, trusted, well known, and longtime members of EMC have turned out to be faker than HL3. You should only give flags you to someone who you know and trust in person, or have extensive history with outside of EMC. If they will take the time (read: several weeks) to get to know you outside of EMC (whether that be texting, Steam, Skype, etc), they likely aren't an r digger.
    The tutorial is great, but the wiki is better. Use the tutorial to get the hang of EMC and a solid base started, use the wiki thereafter to fine tune your EMC skills.
    Donating is great. But there are some things to watch out for. If you crave the Minecraft high of having as many features as you can, donating can be a double edge sword. While you have the funds to donate, you will be swinging through EMC with all those features and be having the (Minecraft) time of your life. But if you lose the strength to swing the sword (IE you have chosen to stop donating to EMC for any reason), you might just stumble forward onto the other edge. If this has happened to you in other games, choose wisely here.

    If you can't donate, there are many other things you can do to help EMC. Voting for EMC is a great way to give EMC free money, and get rewarded yourself. Being a positive player on EMC is, IMO, the best thing anyone could do. People play on EMC for the community and/or quality. Quality is up the the staff, the community is up to everyone as a whole. Being a positive player builds community. Money can help EMC a lot, but money can't buy genuine community.
    Constantly relying on others is a good way to be considered a nuisance, but asking questions is not relying on others. There are two sides to this. The player asking the question should ask one that builds their skills, not one gives them a short term boost. The player(s) answering the question should help the other grow as a player, not just say the most convenient answer. Point them towards the site so that they can learn everything about a certain topic.
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  7. I think you should add something about voting to the list, voting is the quickest and easiest way to make rupees and tokens in my opinion and the extra rewards are just a bonus :D I try and tell every new player who complains about no money to get voting lol