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  1. Hello, people!

    I know there are all sorts of people in our community, so would like to ask a favor.

    Could someone send me a minecraft file which has inventory tweaks, and optifine installed?

    I can't manage to mod my game, so I'm asking you.
  2. I don't have inventory tweaks but do you think it may require Minecraft Forge or LiteLoader? That may be the case if it does.
    I also think its against the rules to send .Minecraft Files as they contain much more than just the user's modifications.
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  3. Roslyn is right, and she's not even hinting at EMC rules but Mojang rules: you're not allowed to distribute copies of the game.

    What exactly is the problem with setting this up? Maybe we can help there? Some time ago I made a guide which explains how to install Forge/LiteLoader, maybe that can be of some help?

    Apart from distribution there's another problem: a lot of modpacks are associated with other servers. And mentioning other servers isn't appreciated on the Empire (against the rules) for obvious reasons.

    But I'd simply start small, start with trying to setup Forge and optionally LiteLoader (see guide), then take it from there. The best part is that this doesn't even have to change your game; the launcher will always allow you to switch between a modded client and a regular one, so there's also no risk of ruining your regular game (not much anyway, making a backup just to be safe is always advisable!).
  4. What's the problem? I installed forge, it has its own profile int he launcher, and that s it, nothing else
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  5. So does it actually start? And when you start it, can you click on options such as "Mods" which should show installed mods?

    If so then everything works as expected, the only thing you need now is to install mods. For that to work you'd need mods which are compatible with Forge, and you need to place those mods (usually .jar files) in the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  6. Great, until now it just booted up with no mods, now it crashes
  7. "There was a severe problem loading the mod" that caused the problem
  8. Not sure I follow: you're using it without mods. First it loaded normally and now it suddenly crashed? Stuff like that can't happen out of the blue, most likely something changed on your PC. Perhaps the Java version? I know some versions of Forge used to have problems with Java 1.8.
  9. I tried it modded, but even the forge didn't load mods.
    Now im trying to get it right

    [Edit] it seems to be working, thanks a lot
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