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  1. ok so theres this weird thing thats been happening to my minecraft thing and i have no clue what it is or what it means. does anyone know how to get rid of it? also i dont have any mods (i dont even know how to apply it) and i have no clue how to describe it in google so i cant really search it up! thanks :)
    also im not pressing any buttons, like i would be walking around and that thing would pop up

    also sorry about the music lol it was playing on loud speaker and i have no clue how to edit it out

    it only happens on smp7 too ???
  2. Try relogging first (join other server then back to 7). I know the experience, it's a client-sided glitch which can sometimes happen. So far relogging always fixed it for me.

    Other than that it always helps to make sure that your software (both java and minecraft) is up to date. Minecraft sits at 1.8.9 at the moment and Java on 1.8.0_66.
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  3. I think it might be because the Shrek theme song is playing in the background. ;)
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  4. ive had this happen to me before usualy when i lag but i think it has to do with the blocks or chunks and them loading i think it stretches the textures causing wierd colorful lines
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  5. thanks ShelLuser idk why i didnt think of relogging lol but it worked thank you
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  6. This reminds me of something I saw in a video of a steam game....
  7. also pretty sure its not the shrek theme song, it was just featured in shrek. i dont think shrek has a theme song otherwise it'd probably be all star. and theres nothing wrong with shrek. i love shrek. i hate the fact that people feel uncomfortable because of that shrek video. the shrek movies are some of the best in film history. honestly.
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