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  1. Does anyone know how to join one of the servers???
  2. Try putting the IP '', without the 's into the direct connect address.
    To join individual servers, use the IP ''
    You can also do all smp numbers up to
  3. Apparently you type "" now. I wasn't playing when that happened but joining a server through " (x being the server number)" still works for me.
  4. ok, where is the 'direct connect address' that I need to put the IP into?
  5. well I'm trying to join but I have no idea where the direct IP address is that nick5013 was talking about
  6. don't connect with that IP, use as the IP. You can still use /server smp# on that IP though.
  7. ok I'll try it
  8. You appear to have joined smp1 an hour ago so I can't see why you might be having trouble now? :confused:
  9. it just takes me to smp4 and I still can't join
  10. I never joined smp1...
  11. Yep, you did:
  12. What do you mean?
    to go to another server use the command /server smp9 or /server smp1 ect
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  13. where do I put in the command though??
  14. Into chat. Join and if you are on Smp4, just do /server smp9 to get to smp9 in chat.
  15. Step one: add new server:

    Step two: put in the IP

    Step three: join the server:

    Step four: it will take you to one server but to press "/" then add "server smp#". Replace # with a number between 1-9.
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  16. it doesn't pop up as a new window. When you do it it should look different but still be the same screen, not a new window. You will get a message in your chat box saying "Welcome to smp#"
  17. And looks like you got in fine :)
    Welcome to EMC :)
  18. ooooooh ok, that makes a lot more sense. I'm on now, thank you to everyone who helped!