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  1. Hi there, when teleporting to my second residence on SMP8, the game freezes. The rest of my computer runs fine, and I can easily just forcequit Minecraft. However, when I log back in I instantly freeze again! Anyone know what's happening/have a solution? Thanks!
  2. Try teleporting to your neighbors res, then walk on to your residence and reset the /res tpset
  3. It could also relate to firework dispensers, if so contact a moderator and they can /killfireworks :)
  4. BrenJone and I have been having similar problems in the frontier. We call them Deathchunks. They seem to be related to certain chunks where if you step into them your game freezes, but nothing else on the computer does.
    This has been a non-client side issue since just before the launch of 1.7 on emc.
    I will take a look there to see if it happens to me there as well. :)
    edit: nvm, that res move false flag..
  5. I can't type or anything, the game freezes completely and doesn't respond. :/
    No fireworks on the res, just an auto-sugarcane farm.
    This is probably it, I'd remove the /move flag if I could type :p
  6. while off your res, you can type "/res [resnumber] set move false".
    Or it might be "/res set [resnumber] move false" :p Good Luck!
  7. That happened to me! It eventually (very slowly) stopped, but the lag comes back after a while :/
  8. Bump... this has a become a problem, I can't type anything to escape the res. Can't play EMC from this account while this problem persists :/
  9. You should start a conversation with a moderator.
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