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  1. Someone please help me. I am dying in the nether wastelands. I'm in lava with only 1 heart, but I disconnected before I can die. I have almost everything I ever got or achieved on this server. I don't wanna lose it.
  2. I fixed the caps in your post for you. :D

    Sadly, I don't think anyone will be able to save you. The only thing I could think would be a fire resistance potion, after blocking the area around you off.... But that would require you to have memorized your coordinates, and/or require exact timing of the splash potion. Which may or may not work under lava. Dunno.
  3. wait can you tell JeffreyLi2003 on smp4 to look at this thread for me. He's my friend and he might be able to help me.
  4. I could possibly be able to help you!
    Just tell me coords and the place you left and I can attempt to splash a fire resistance pot at you!
  5. To JeffreyLi2003: Can you bring a splash potion of fire resistance back to the nether wastelands for me? I will tell you when to throw it. I really need this, or else I'm gonna lose my diamond armor, diamond pick, god bow, and god sword.
  6. Well you'd have to tell us the coords before anyone could help you...
  7. Ok, I was at x 29 y 29 z -513.
    But before you throw it, maybe clear the lava around there
    and make a little box, since i am at 1 heart, and you might miss (also so i don't get owned by any mobs nearby)
    Thanks so much Reindeer_!
  8. Ok I can't get on at exactly right now, but I would be able to in maybe 40-50 minutes if your willing to wait, sorry :(
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  9. Tell me exactly what time to come back online. It's ok, I am definitely willing to wait to keep my god sword.
  10. wait nvm, i died. Its ok, since some friends cheered me up by giving a lot of diamonds. :D
  11. I fell in lava once, luckily Zeke1o0o was mining with me and he cleared all the lava and I lived. YAY! Cheating death!
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  12. I once fell in lava...
    And that was the day I fell in love with haunted candies...
  13. dude, if we know the coordinates, then 'all' we would have to do, is to block off the area from the lava, and clear the area. Even if you die, your stuff drops. (and if not in lava, you will not get burned).

    For a 'real' rescue operation, it would involve cobblestoning over to where you are at, dropping tons of gravel to remove the lava blocks, then removing the center portion of the gravel to leave air behind...where you will spawn in.

    Then when you spawn in (assuming those coordinates are correct), there should be no more lava, and you will be in the air. Even if you are on fire and die, your stuff drops (and hopefully does not get stolen)

    Fire resistant potions are only one item... instant health potions should be used too...
    Im at work, otherwise I would help...
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  15. Dang, sorry I was late to the party :-(
  16. My alt account is currently in a lava ocean on smp8, waiting for me to finally log back in and die completely :p Glad your friends were able to cheer you up :)
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