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  1. I was wondering if a mod/admin could reset someones res who has not built anything on there res and has not played for forever?!?! Because I wanted my friend to have a res next to me.
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  2. You will have to use /res foreclaim now, as I don't think the mods do this anymore.
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  3. Well, if you don't want the res you just have to wait and it will be reset eventually.
  4. Your friend is able to type /res forceclaim while standing on that residence to claim it for a fee of 5,000 rupees. This only works if the residence owner hasn't been online in 15 days, if not you'll have to wait :)
  5. Isnt there like a fine, i think 5000r...
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  6. There isn't a fine. The 5000r is the charge to claim (reset and take ownership of) a derelict residence.

    For non-supporters, if you don't log in or vote for 15 days, your residence is flagged as derelict. It is not automatically reset.

    If you type /res info on the plot you want to claim, look under derelict status to see if the residence is protected, or how long you have to wait for it to become derelict.