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  1. Travster25 and i are great friends and we recently discovered that his res is griefed. we don't know who did this or how as nobody has build but me and brocky222 (but he is a good friend of ours). so what do we do? i've checked everyone who visits travster25's res but they haven't been on recently. we are thinking this could be an out of control moderator? dont know. help. moderators admins anyone help. they even stole from his chests, we have not many valuables left either.
  2. PM a moderator from the list here with all the details and they'll be able to help you out. :)

    But no, it wasn't a moderator. None of them would do anything like that. :)

    *Edit* No one had flags on the res and he hasn't done /res default, so any griefing and theft happening is impossible...
  3. Not that they would, even if they got the chance.
  4. It makes me giggle that staff are always to blame. This is the second case I've heard that claims a Mod is messing with their stuff xD. Are you guys sure you haven't just used the stuff and misplaced it? Maybe the other friend needed it? Check all your chests and any chest on any other server you have.
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  5. griefing sucks. mods can't help ya.
  6. WRONG. The mods can help, that's why they are there. If you have photographic proof that someone griefed your stuff, send them a PM and post the images. If you have proof of someone stealing your stuff, pm them and post the images. If your stuff is busted, take screenshots and pm the mods. They can track some things to see who broke them and took them. People are banned everyday for griefing and you know who banned that person? Mods. If the mods couldn't help then there would be no reason for them to be here or for the rules.

    The reason they say they can't help with recovering items missing from chests on reses is they don't know whether or not the person is telling the truth. I could take 3 stacks of quartz, burn it then claim that someone stole the three stacks from my chest. If they believe me then I just got 3 stacks of quartz. Instead of that, I could take my 3 stacks and hide them on a friend's res, tell the Mods it disappeared from my chest and they give me 3 stacks. I then would have 6.
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  8. No, they can track block placing/destroying in Wild also, I think they use /co i or something similar and by using that command you can see who has placed or destroyed blocks. Also no need to overuse caps like that :) Edit- Didn't read the post properly, but yeah you get my point.
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  9. Several blocks and actions are tracked in the wild (that no players are supposed to know so I won't say what) and pretty much the only way a town-griefer can be caught is if 1) they admitted to it in chat or 2) as you said, there's photographic proof.
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  10. unstucked! throwed keyboard against wall : )
  11. But
    Yet NOBODY except me and brocky had flags!
  12. Idk, MAYBE it's a prank from your friends? Have you asked them?
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  14. Griefing in town is only possible if the player had permissions to the residence. If no one had permissions, then odds are that you simply misplaced the item or used it and cannot remember.

    As for the discussion about greifing in town areas:
    The permissions system is in place to protect your res and belongings from being messed with. By giving out permissions, you bypass our protection. This is why griefing events in town often have no solution. Too many people give out perms to their res to people that take advantage and grief. In this case, all the moderators can do is speak to the parties involved and hope that someone confesses or says something in chat that can be used as an admittance to the griefing. Photographic evidence of someone messing with chests, etc can help catch griefers in town, so NEVER underestimate the value of taking screenshots and messaging a moderator along with reporting the player.
  15. But the residence is covered in dirt paths, pillars and etc, so not only items were taken. :(
  16. -no one- had perms, and you told me that you didn't do /res default, so it's literally impossible that anyone took your items if you're telling the truth which you probably are... You probably just misplaced them as Pandas said. :)
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  17. Explain the dirt everywhere then.