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  1. Today I got Empire Minecraft, and it looks really cool. I want to play it, but whenever I try to log into the server, it says: "Failed to login: Bad login" and then it says Communication error on the server box. Any help?
  2. Try closing Minecraft then opening again. :)
  3. I have tried that. A lot.
  4. I might know what is wrong. I am on version 5, while server might still be on 4.
  5. No, the server is 1.5.1.
  6. Make sure you're using the right IPs then. Have a go at connecting to
  7. I hope you can get it fixed. If not, contact Aikar. And, welcome to the Empire :)
  8. Try connecting with "temp-" prior to the IP too and see if that works. Like ""
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  9. Are you loggin in with the right name? When you play with a illegal account or just type whatever as username, it will say bad login. You have to use the name you paid 19,95(or 14,95 or 9,95)for when loggin in with the launcher(minecraft.exe)
    When you didn't pay for your minecraft and are playing with minecraft Sp(a illegal minecraft program)or something, it will not work.
  10. If you are offline, it will not work. You must log in. Most of the time, when people get the "Bad Login" that is what's going on.
  11. Ok, I'm on smp1. Hoping to have a great time. Thanks to everyone.