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  1. I went into the end and got out of the end I got teleported into the ocean
    and I'm drowning -_______-

    I really need a mod to teleport me to 13003 on smp6
  2. Wont/cant happen
  3. It wont work sir, they can't do that for you. All i can say is, show yourself on the livemap, and just swim back. Or drown yourself.
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  4. dayum
  5. 1. Get reis minimap
    2. set it up to show death point in single player
    3. die
    4. return to your death point
  6. You can try to make a pillar until you can breathe and then you may call any friend to bring you a boat or something.
  7. You guys realize I have diamond armor, right?
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  9. You can get 30+ diamonds a day with your sign in bonus. Quit whining.
  10. What if there Enchanted Diamond Armor and Enchanted Diamond Swords that are very good?
  11. No such thing as a rare enchantment anymore, so that doesnt matter. Also, if you had the good enchants, you would be able to breathe under water longer.
  12. -_____-
  13. So...

    Toggle Debug Console (F3) while treading water.
    Take note of X: and Z: coordinates.
    Log out.
    Open server map and find your loacation on the map.
    Take note of nearest land.
    Log in and start treading water again.
    Open Debug Console and use F: value to determine direction to swim in (0=South, 2=North).
    Swim until you get to land.
    Set spawn location before you return to The End.
  14. Honestly if this "really happened" deal with the situation in the way you would in single player... I'd suggest holding down the space-bar, when your at the top of the ocean disconnect. Align Minecraft on your screen so it's next to your browser and go to the live map, find yourself by clicking on your head in the menu and look for the closest land. When you've found the land reconnect and go in that direction making sure you can still see the live map, it should move as you move. Once your safely on land look for the spawn on the map...
  15. Does anyone read?!
  16. EVERYONE, Sponge-Bob has spoken! :p
  17. Yes I read it, honestly that isn't the best idea out there as it involves him dying, risking his items then going back into the same situation to retrieve them... Pointless...
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  18. LOL
  19. a few points that mine is the best idea:
    1. The chunk wont be loaded (hopefully) so the items should stay
    2. People wont notice the items as they will be hidden
    3. He has do /map show quickly or CTRL + C from single player but still will die no matter what