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  1. I would like some help removing some blocks from my reses. I am prepping for a rebuild.

    I would like someone to 'destroy' the blocks. I would like to receive back 2/3 of the items. You would keep 1/3 as 'payment'. I could provide a pick or two for the removal.

    This is a NOW thing - I'll take a known member who contacts me in game.

  2. If no one decides to help you (which would kind of suck :p), I can definitely help you, but that would be tomorrow afternoon/evening. I'm definitely not reserving a spot or whatever, just a last option :p
  3. meh... I'm resetting in a few hours... no worries... I cry a bit losing these walls... but they are out of place. I was able to figure out a better design for the grass... able to remove the grass above. So it works better.
  4. I help
  5. Thanx - work is Done

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Thread Status:
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