Help with Pot of Gold

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  1. So, where should I start?
    On Mushroom Island, I accidentally pressed Q while I was holding the pot of gold and The pot of gold sank to the bottom of the ocean.

    So, I've been looking for it in the Empire Shop and couldn't find it. Can somebody please tell me in which section can I find the pot of gold?
  2. It's probably not in the shop anymore, over two weeks since St Patrick's Day. You can buy one off another player for fairly cheap - they go for around 20k.
  3. Unfortunatly, you can't buy Pots of Gold any more. Like chocky said, it's been almost three weeks since St Patrick's Day. Try going to a promo dealer or any player, really, to purchase one.
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  4. If I hadn't of sold mine then I woulda sent you it
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  5. Are you still looking for a pot of gold PM me if you are