Help with my server?

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  1. I'm currently setting up my own server, but I need help. My friend who's dad and brother make billions of pounds a year from computer things and minecraft server hosting is never online on skype anymore, and it's hard to talk about it at school.

    So I need help with it from this community.
    I'm running craftbukkit++ (the latest build) and I have these plugins installed:
    Plot me

    I need help with port forwarding and stuff.
  2. You should have world edit
  3. engineer-tf2-freddre.jpg
    Do what this guy does and whack it with a wrench multiple times.
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  4. Oh yeah, I forgot that off my list.
    Any other reccomendations?
    *Chuck Norris approved*
  5. I also forgot to mention i'm making my own custom /mute [player] plugin.
  6. Just pm me the ip when its finished, it sounds awesome :D
  7. For port forwarding, i can help you a lot. What is your router brand and model?
  8. Brand is sky.
    Have no idea on the model. It's this one exactly though:
  9. can u try to find the model number? it should be on the box or the underside of the router.
  10. I have to go to bed now :( I'll find out in the morning and i'll leave a reply here. Once I leave a reply i'll be back after around 7 hours and a bit. I have to walk my dog as soon as I get in and pick my brother & sister up from school at the same time.
  11. OK cya :)
  12. Alright, back from school :D My model is a sky Sagemcom.
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  14. I'd recommend spigot over cb++ now. We're off cb++ now. Read spigot Page for some pretty good reasons why it's better.
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  15. I port-forwarded my IP. But now, I need to get the server working with my IP. It keeps saying in the console 'perhaps a server is already connected to that port?'
  16. Switching :p The spout admins got pretty defensive over their product.
  17. Don't put your IP in the 'serverip'
  18. Where do I put it then? xD
  19. Nowhere - The server will just auto send data down the IP
  20. Check if your running a second instance of the server.