[help with mods!] Please!

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  1. So i have been trying and trying to get optifine, reis minmap and inv tweaks for like the past hour. If anyone could create a folder with those and minecraft 1.6.2 in it, that would be great. You could name it mods if you want. that would help. i will pay 1000r to the first person to email me the modded folder with optifine ultra, reis minimap and inv tweaks. (btw im on a mac sooooo good luck)
    email me at Runningrhino123@gmail.com
  2. Erm, sorry :confused: I suck at this stuff ever since the new launcher came out. :(I wish there would just be a button that says Upload Mod Into THIS profile :p
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  3. I use Forge Mod Loader. I am terrible at installing mods so I have only got 2 for now, Reis Minimap and Inv Tweaks.
  4. i use magic launcher, i just added optifine to that. its an easy download.
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  5. for magic launcher, how do you download mods?
  6. Sharing of the minecraft .jars is actually illegal, for those thinking of doing so :/
  7. Erm, I think they just mean share the mods and put them all into a folder, right before putting it into the version file (it's not exactly "jar" file anymore, as you have multiple at the same time :confused:)
  8. to download mods to magic launcher you:
    open magic launcher
    click "setup" button
    click on the "add" button
    add optifine wherever you have put on your computer (easy to find spot and make sure its not a folder, but in a zip)
    then make sure the status say's "OK"
    if it doesn't just re download the optifine and repeat the process.
    Then you have optifine :D
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  9. Thanks!!!!!!
  10. ...
    You know next time you could just say "Oh, in the OP it said to have a folder with 1.6 and the mods in it, that's why I said it was illegal. If it were to be just the mods, yes that would be fine" Instead of bluntly quoting the original post. It can come across as rude, and specially to me, with my disorder, it's inscensitive.
  11. np :D i like helpin
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  12. it doesnt work... it says they arent mods
  13. the optifine?
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  14. Well inv tweaks it says I need forge, optifine it said no mods found and Reis it was ok
  15. it also depends on what order you put it in
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  16. oh ok. thanks