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  1. I keep getting an error on Minecraft," Internal exception: an established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine". I reinstalled my newest 8 Java and then decided to try a 7 java too(i even had masterdude13 work on it for 10 mins),but it didnt change anything. I also allowed both into my firewall other then that i have no idea what could be causing this.
  2. That problem is mostly caused by a combination of server/local internet problems, not necessarily by Java or firewall problems.
  3. You get this error code when there's an issue somewhere with the connection to the server, the issue isn't with Java and probably not with your firewall either.
  4. how would i find that out ?
  5. I hear minecraft does that to all Californians.
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  6. When are you getting this error? I sometimes see it appear after I logged out of EMC.
  7. I get it sometimes in the middle of playing the game,or sometimes like 7 has seen i cant even get in because it keeps doing it to me. I logged into another server to see if it was just emc but it did it to me on another server also so its something with my java i guess, i dont really know im not technical xD
  8. This means that your computer has lost connection with internet (or at the very least, Minecraft has) and can only be fixed by improving your connection. Wifi sometimes can be unstable depending on the router you use. Try moving closer to the router (or moving the router closer to you) to see if that helps.
  9. Thank you,ill try that out tonight when i get home and see if it works