Help with finding a new camera

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  1. I've been using my old 7.1 megapixel camera that I got several years ago for a while now and today I broke it (dropped it and smashed the lens glass), So I'm looking for a new camera.

    I've looked around and only really found one camera I like the look of

    Now, I don't know too much about cameras, so that's why I'm asking for some help here, I'll mainly be taking Panoramic, Close up shots and maybe some Slow-Motion, my budget is about £250 or £275 at a push. So could anyone here with experience of camera's give me any suggestions on good cameras?
  2. Sorry your camera broke.
    I have no idea about cameras though.
  3. I was actually kind of glad to be honest - It gave me an actual reason to upgrade! :p
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  4. battmeghs probably knows a lot about cameras.
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  5. You should get a cannon....
    Now before you get a fancy DSLR...
    Have you had much practice?
    I wouldn't rush into getting one but thats what I did and they are great fun.
    I have a 2004 Cannon 350D 8 Megapixels.
    If you go to the are thread you can see some of the pictures even an entry level one is capable of :)
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  6. Why so?
    I've had a couple of years practice using them occasionally, yes.
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  7. I like good pictures, but I owned a crappy camera I broke when I was 8, and have been using my old phone for stupid photos. My new phone has a pretty good camera on it, but if you want really good shots, i'd reccomend a cannon. My grandad and my mum own one, and I don't know if its because their hobby is photography, but they took some really nice pictures.
  8. I'm not a pro but I like photography I think it's good to use t DSLR but it's not practical for every thing.
    If you do get a DSLR I would recomend a cannon.
    My mum has a nice sony piont and shot but it all depends on what you are using it for :)
    I think you should ask batmegs :)
  9. I'd be using it for quite a few things, Also, what makes a cannon so great?
  10. Nikon d5100
    That's boss.

    Didn't see the budget.. This one is like.. 700E
    Check Ebay! :p
  11. Yep, Too far out of my budget.
  12. Like I said, I don't know too much about the Tech specs of Cameras so looking on Ebay would be nearly pointless! :p
  13. A bump it shall be! :)
  14. Well
    they are Very reliable.
    It's up to you.
    They may be out of your buget.
    Here where I live a 650D is $1250 on a good day.
    A 60D sells for $1599.
    They are rather expencive.
    You could always get a powershot model. I will have a look at them.
  15. My budget isn't $1599 :)
  16. Also it's 50x zoom is the same as 200m.
    That is a good zoom for alot of things.
    I have an 18-200 on my camera as the one I use for alot :)
  17. That first camera is pretty good value.
    I think one of my teachers have one.
    I will look more and find some in your range for price :)