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  1. I never understod how people made their signature. I really don't know to to make one at all. Can someone explain to me how? I would really appreciate it.

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  2. Make sure your logged in, click on your name on the top of the page. Click on "Signature", make your signature the way you like it and save it and click "Save".
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  3. What sunny said.... but with pictures

    Click on Signature

    A box will pop up and put your signature there. Then click save.
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  4. If you want an achievement...

    Click Minecraft Achievement Generator under "Partners & Friends"

    It will take you to this screen where you click Achievements

    Fill in what you desire to be your Title (Yellow Part) or Text or message (white part)

    In order to change the stock (picture) click on it and choose the one you want.
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  5. Examples from autumnrain26
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  6. for that examples you have to click the browse button, instead of the grass block.
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  7. Yes, if you want a custom one.
  8. Thank You Guys! It Really Helped Me! :p
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  9. Nice sigs! :)
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  10. Haha thanks. :p
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  11. The title of the one on the right is a bit long, though. :p
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  12. Pshh, Long Words Are My Specialty.
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