Help with 2 things. (not game issues)

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  1. Did a search came up with nothng to help. :confused:

    when it says. "You here Gobbling 4 chucks away. [163] "

    What does the [163] mean in this as far as chucks go?

    Thanx in advance.

    P.S. Why does my head not show up like it does here in the forums? When you place it down it looks like it has another layer over what is pictured here. How do I fix this? :rolleyes:
  2. i have always thought every turkey has his own numbre
    i'm not sure about it tho
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  3. That's because the standard forum avatar doesn't support the extra layer, I think. If you want the extra layer in the forum picture, you should create an image yourself.
    If you want to remove the extra layer from the skin, edit the picture in any image editing program and remove it.
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  4. its 2 help u find the right turkey. if there are more then they have different numbers.
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  5. Thank you all for the replies, as got on that said.

    "You here gobbling 6 chuck away in chuck 135. [#]"

    I was in chuck 525 # 3##

    How can it only be 6 chucks away from those numbers?
  6. The [###] means nothing as to location of the chicken. It's just a tracking code in case you can hear two chickens gobbling at once
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  7. You can get the second layer if you choose 3D Helm Head
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