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  1. so.... i have a outpost with a bunch of old chunks and 4 witch huts i made a farm and terraformed most of the surrounding area to bedrock and no witches spawn i have afked for 3 hours and i expected for atlest 1 to spawn i do not know what i did wrong ;-; pls help
  2. I've dealt with my share of huts. Was this area discovered after a game update? In the past when the game was updated it sometimes changed some biomes and this could be your issue. There is also a rare chance that the hut is a dud but to have all 4 is almost impossible.

    How long ago was this outpost made?
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  3. if the chunk was loaded pre-1.7 update its broken
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  4. thx how do i tell?
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  5. By not seeing any witches :p
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  6. You have? ;p <3
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  7. Witch huts are very intimidating, but that was 1.7, and I have found like a couple of those before
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  8. Check the build for 1.9 compatibility. I know of one that is busted since 1.9 was released. Ceiling heights, etc.
    ThaKloned is the witch hut expert builder that I know. You may want to ask him.
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  9. You have no idea..
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  10. theres a few ways they all are pretty complicated though, 1 involves a mod, 1 involves looking at the livemap and seeing what biomes loaded, and 1 other i cant remember but i used to do when i was building up redstone
  11. Your thinking of the shifting floor build. That got fixed in 1.9. But they should still spawn, they just wouldn't fall through the floors anymore.

    It's most likely a biome rezoning if all 4 huts are not spawning a single witch. If you see other mobs spawning inside or on top then it's broken. Even my 2 current witch farms have been spawning other mobs since we updated to 1.9. Not a ton but some (and it should be zero).
  12. it is a 1.9 compatible farm
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  13. i have got 4 zombies 2 creepers and a skelly
  14. Confirmed broken unfortunately.
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  15. Thank you for checking it for him ThaKloned. I'm so sorry crazy_x_gamer. I've had build fails after putting in a ton of effort. I feel your pain man :(
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  16. that ok :D i am going to cobble monster a rain forest into a wast land then bomb it into a giant creator XD
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  17. you should look at how tnt works now for emc....not as easy to bomb things anymore
  18. i have a idea on what i can do XD make a slime block trench builder
  19. a creeper spawned on top of my witch hut is that bad ?