HELP! Windows 8 problem

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by xothis, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Hi, my windows 8 laptop has decided to break well it's just stuck on a black screen where only the mouse is still active. I've tried obvious stuff like restarting control alt delete etc. but I don't know what to do now :/
  2. Let it run out of battrey then try to turn it on OR force restart it like i have to do daily....
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  3. Close the lid, turn your laptop upside down, take out the battery. Unlock it, take it out, and leave it for a few minutes. Blow into your laptop (I do this to get the dust out, it does not work perfectly but some reason helps) and then put the battery back in. Lock it, and turn it back over. Open the lid and then press the power button. I have used this technique a few times and although unlikely, it has actually worked most times when my laptop has had a problem. Try that, and see what happens :)
  4. Thanks that worked :) its weird its only like 3-4 months old
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  5. Next time buy a desktop lol
  6. I do have one this is at my mums house only a laptop -_-
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  7. Well, for me if a computer has a problem, it almost always is a laptop :p
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