[Help] Why is this a thing?!

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  1. 2014-05-24_08.05.23.png Anything I can do about this?
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  2. I have never in a million years seen that, what is the book?
  3. Watch as the book's like Sharp 5 U3 Loot 3...
  4. Wow.. now I feel lucky, I got a villager with 18 emeralds and a book for Efficiency V. But 67 emeralds??? Thats crazy!
  5. That is very easy to explain my fellow mman, your problem is that.......(runs away from the room).
  6. Breaking News
    Villager tries to rip off the owner of empire's best museum, seems like the villager is wanting to trade 67 emeralds which cannot be done.
  7. Have you tried putting in emerald blocks in? I doubt it would work but its just an idea :S
  8. Villager 1 Mman 0
    Sadly this is a thing, nothing you can do about it.
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  9. I believe this is a Mojang problem? Maybe it will be fixed in 1.8, but it happens and there is no way to actually fix it, so you will have to try at getting a different villager :oops:
  10. I doubt it would work too :p

    What book is it?
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  11. It's an efficiency 5 book. It's too bad, that was the seventh trade and the only one left was paper, so close to another infi.
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