[HELP] What Video Software (Free mind you) should I use?

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Which one is better?

Windows Movie Maker 1 vote(s) 25.0%
iMovie 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Other (Leave in comments) 3 vote(s) 75.0%
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  1. Hey guys, I want to start getting my youtube account active, so I was thinking of asking you technical guys out there what video/photo recording and production software I should use. Here is what I have

    I have Windows 10 with NO Windows Movie Maker on it sadly. If it was on I wouldn't be asking you guys, and I honestly do not want to use that. I have an Asus desktop. I don't know much about my desktop...rip

    I found ShareX on steam, I wonder if that is any good. It is free and 93% are good reviews.

    Help me, and I have to make sure this software isn't virus-ridden. I want to keep this safe. Thank you.

    ALSO: If this is in the wrong section, please let me know and move it because I have no idea where to put this thread in. I just need help so I assume this corner of the forums...
  2. If you only need to edit one or two videos, get the Premiere CC trial. I'm not sure of any not-garbage video editing software that isn't on a trial, though.
  3. I use Bandicut for video editing. Its free and easy to use.
  4. Is this free?
    Is it any good?
  5. The trial is free.
  6. And I can use it how many times I like...?
  7. A month.
  8. Ah...
  9. It works for what I need it for, so I would say yes.
  10. Doesn't it leave a watermark?
  11. Not on the editing software. It only leaves one on the recording software.
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  12. What do you use it for? I want to use it for recording video gameplay in somewhat a decent resolution
    What do you mean by watermark?
  13. Bandicut is not for recording. It is an video editing software. I use it to edit any video that I record. The only thing is it leaves a short advertisement at the beginning of the video (forgot it did that until a few minutes ago).
  14. Ah, I need recording AND editing, I fixed up the OP from editing to recording as it was misleading and wouldn't lead me to the correct thing, sorry 'bout that.
  15. As far as recording, I use Windows 10 game recorder. It works great for me.
  16. Free?
  17. If you have Windows 10 then it should come installed on the computer. To open the menu just press the windows key + g
  18. I just looked it up and I will try it out, now for the Bandicut software you use...is it safe? I'm just gonna run an anti-virus before I "try" to download it.
  19. Yes it's safe lol

    It's not like your OptiFine that gave you a virus *sarcasm*
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  20. I wouldn't recommend a product that could give you a virus.
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