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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by chickeneer, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. I don't ask for help often, but I am looking for some input on this.

    I am involved with an organization that has their own website. Long story short, the host we are set-up with currently, is shutting down. I am looking to find something as a replacement. Some content will transfer over, but we will mostly have to start completely from scratch on it.

    I am looking for SIMPLE, nothing complicated. Basically this will serve as a landing page for people interested in the organization with a few different pages which provide deeper information.

    So many resources out there, no idea where to start. Affordability is great without dropping quality. Not expecting high-volume traffic.
  2. Free or paid for?

    I use a free host thewebtuts.webs.com [webs.com] you can upload your own html website as I have or chose a template

    this site also has a few choices http://dreamweavertutorials.co.uk/
  3. We have a domain. We plan to put money into it, just not sure if someone has a pleasant experience with one specifically
  4. 1and1? I've bought stuff from them and they seem alright.