[HELP] Wastelands Reset Questions

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  1. My last post about lock chests in the wild made me realize I could use clarification on when/how waste resets.

    (1) Is any warning given before a waste reset?
    (2) Is it a 100% reset? By this I am wondering if every single block I affected will reset whether it be diamond or dirt.
    (3) If I have a horse hanging out in the waste, and a reset happens, does the horse disappear?

    (4) This is a Frontier question - If I were to build an underground base in the Frontier, would any mining at all be allowed?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. anytime there has ever been a reset there was always a warning and yes, it did reset every block. not sure if hanging horses would disappear but I imagine they probably would.
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    1. Yes, there is almost always a warning. But just in case in that one time there is no warning, do not build anything important there.
    2. Yes, everything that was previously in that world disappears and a new world with a new seed generates.
    3. Yes, the horse does disappear.
    4. You are allowed to mine in the Frontier to support your Frontier base, just please do not mine in the Frontier to support your megamall or something.
  3. Wasteland resets literally delete the entire world and re-created with a new seed.
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  4. I believe last time the waste was reset, there was at least two days warning (could have been longer but when I got on I saw it for at least two days prior to it being reset).
    This occurred when the stained glass, mesa biomes, etc. came out.
    I do believe that there was some in game warning as well as it being at the top of the forums home page as well.
  5. 4. Wastelands is made for resource gathering and you will find more ores closer to spawn than in Frontier.
    Also, it is not great to take a lot of resources from Frontier, as it will then be that way permanently.
    IF you decide to mine in the Frontier, Please do it under Your base, because you are not supposed to mine under Frontier land that someone else has claimed (and there is not a great way to know if it is claimed).
  6. Technically, yes. However, it's not required. It might only be one site a day before and if you aren't checking it every single day you'd miss it and lose several DCs of mined material and the picks you just happened to stash there for a moment even if you are online at the time.
    Yes. A diamond castle will disappear.
    Yes. All horses, minecarts, any infrastructure which is part of any mine, will all be destroyed.
    There are presently no enforced rules against mining. It is merely discouraged.