Help Wanted!!!

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    i'm looking for decorators and banners makers
    I need loads of help decorating my haunted house so if you
    got the decorating skill to make it look scary and have cool ideas please
    contact me ASAP!!!!
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  2. I'd be willing to help out, I have a large stock of random items that I'd just give to you but I'm also experienced in buying, selling, and negoiating. I'm in the process of making my own mall but I'm several months out from the completion. Thanks!
  3. I couldn't stand the pink .-.
  4. Aww yes but pink my life color I wouldn't change it and all the pink I have I built with lol
  5. A suggestion: Set up sell orders on your chests, so people can sell you things. If your prices follow the market pretty good, you can usually keep it stocked fairly well.
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  6. ill think about it
  7. What particular items are you looking to have restocked?
    You would not be able to get a ton of items for 25k, because many items (gems n stuff) are more expensive.

    For instance the 25k would only get you one Nether Star and some other items, and that's it.
  8. I don't really sell jems i think iron are the only one i have and mostly the stuff i stock is basic stuff and wool so it isn't really expensive stuff
  9. So much pink.
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  10. Bump:
    Please I need some help from the EMC family
    if anyone can decorate or come up with scary ideas
    please help me its almost October

    Thank you
  11. I can make some sweggy banners if you need.
  12. That would be awesome thank you Defne I'll even pay you!!!
  13. where exactly is the haunted house?
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  14. Can you start a convo with some of the banner designs you want?
  15. Bump Please Help