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  1. Need a job? Well i have a new hotel on Utopia res # 5902! We need help like with building, room service, a pool person, front desk etc. If you want to offer a job the please do in the comments!


    Remember! res # 5902 on Utopia!
  2. Job: Front Desk
    Player: ShyguytheGamer1
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  3. meet you there
  4. took so long to login (im co owner btw)
  5. I forgot to say I can't do it atm
  6. Thread moved to Products, Businesses, & Services as requested.
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  7. Builder.
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  8. thx i couldn't find it
  9. Pool Person

    do we get payed? and um yeah
  10. yes 30r a day
  11. Co owner here we also need someone that will work a gift shop
  12. New job! We have made a little shop and we need someone to run it so we're looking for a person who can run the tropical shop!

    Remember! res # 5902 on Utopia!
  13. dont have to do everything for me :p
  14. Job: Finance Manager/ Activity Manager
    Player: Zikko
  15. Hotel is closed now only residents workers can go in also i lost it ;-;
  16. Oh youd like to apply zikko? sure activity manager watches whats everyones doing right?
  17. meet me at /v 5902
  18. im co owner of the hotel btw