[Help wanted] Building a replica of the old emc shop.

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  1. Hey there guys I thought itd be cool to build a exact or close to replica of the old emc shop if you know any details on it reply to this thread!
  2. Right, well i wish u the best in building it!
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  3. was pretty simple....i think you can find old screenshots somewhere of livemap. was basically wool floors and sandstone walls and roof. only one floor too
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  4. It's hard to believe it's been over a year since they replaced the shop. I used to shop there as a n00b because I didn't know better.
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  5. As I mentioned in chat, the old /shop was on a 120x120 res :)
  6. There was a player on Utopia who had also build it. I don't member the name or if he/she had left :/
    Good luck anyway but as Alex said, you will have to build it in Utopia :)
    [EDIT] Okay, it was Nole972 who is as far as I see still on EMC. The res was 5015 :)
    Maybe ask him for assist as he build it in the past
  7. I have a huge res block btw.... I have alot of room and I really dont think it was
  8. Oh yeah it was
  9. Technically it was 124x124. The old /shop was located on one of those large unclaimed areas in town (usually the northeast one, if memory serves). It was not set on a normal 60x60 res.
  10. Yea i mean it looks smaller than it actually is on 5015
  11. I havent seen it in over a year >,<