[HELP] Voting problem

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DukeDoggie412, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, this is Chocolate800's alt.

    Lately, I've been unable to log in the EMC with the computer that my alt is on. I've been trying to vote to reset the derelict timer but I won't work :( The JPGamer1001 rupee history says she's voted but doing /p JPGamer1001 in-game still shows she's derelict. Please help?
  2. I can vote for you...Can I?
  3. idk. I'm trying to vote for the JPGamer1001 on the Chocolate800 account but it won't work.
  4. So you're Choclate800 on a diiferent account? Well, I've had this problem before and don't really know how to help you. Can I vote for you? PM Me or any Staff members for help.
  5. It says you already voted
  6. I know.
  7. Good so it updated :) Can this thread be closed now?
  8. I want to close it for you.. but I can't.
  9. I'm asking a staff member of it can be closed
  10. Nobody stated this in the thread, so I'll say it. It takes a moment for the system to reset the derelict timer of a derelict user. :)
  11. ohhhh :) thanks a million (not rupees)
  12. and for extra clarity, its effective immediately upon vote for system derelict, but its the ingame derelict that has a refresh delay to recognize the value changed in the db.
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