[HELP] Villager won't trade

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  1. Yes, I know this is a bit nooby/newbieish, but I don't really know anymore what to do when your villager's trade get's blocked. I have 3 possible trades, of which the first blocked. What do I have to do to get the trade unlocked again?
  2. Trade the next 2
  3. Trade the last one, the last trade always resets all the trades.
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  4. What if it is the final offer that is locked, and the villager is already at it's limit of trades (it can't add anymore after the last one)
  5. If the final offer is locked, there is not much you can do.
    If you trade the last trade to the limit, and leave the chunk before the villager resets, the villager gets 'locked'.
    (AKA, if trading the last trade a number of times, don't leave the area until the villager resets his trade, and you check and verify that the trades are all reset)

    There is potential for the 1.8 to 'unlock' the last trade, if there are the lower trades still available, however you will have to wait until EMC is on 1.8, and it still may not unlock the last trade anymore. Also, since the official 1.8 is not yet out, this is subject to change.

    Fun stuff eh???
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  6. Thanks!