[HELP] Vidx Malware

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  1. A Malware or virus as most people call well i got one that i believe that is something with "Vidx" which puts extra adds into the website you enter and it's also slowing my computer so now HOW do I get rid of the Vidx adds virus on firefox on mac?!
  2. Removing the extension in Firefox should fix it according to the internet
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  3. but how do i remove it?
  4. But just in case, download malawarebytes on another computer then put it on a flash drive. Then put the program into your other computer through the flash drive and run it... hope that also helps :) It might even remove some viruses you didn't know about
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  5. i'm sure it was just vidx and spigot which i beleieve that spigot just puts or makes it that you can only have the yahoo as your home screen or does it do harm?
  6. I would recommend getting an anti virus just in case. There are many free ones that should work. I have heard that avast works well.
  7. Insted of yahoo im stuck with ask it sucks!
  8. If you are using a windows computer, you should be able to find a program called ask toolbar. Uninstall that and you will be able to adjust your homescreen again. Ask toolbar is one of those things that hides in installation dialogues.
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  9. Oh ok thx ill do that
  10. I think i had the ask toolbar but it became outdated and unavailable to me : D
  11. Also, SuperAntiSpyware is great for removing viruses, adware, malware, etc. | http://www.superantispyware.com/
  12. Avast <3
    I 100% recommend downloading Avast. I have had it for over a year and it has been great. On past computers, I have had both Norton360 And MacAfee anti-virus software, both which cost around $50, and I prefer Avast by a mile :)
  13. First of all check for any software or add-ons that you don't recognize in either your browser or add and remove programs. Then boot into safe mode with networking and run a virus scan :)
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