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  1. Hi

    I would like to unsubscribe from emails because the email I used to get into the forums was my school email and I would like to unsubscribe from all notifications.

  2. Two steps you need to take:

    1.) Go to the drop down menu where it says your name in the top right. Click "Preferences" then scroll down and uncheck the box that says "and receive email notifications of replies"

    2.) Go to that same drop down menu and select "Contact Details." Look for the check box that says "Receive email when a new conversation message is received."

    That should be it. :)
  3. Instructions weren't clear enough. Got my tough stuck in my blender.
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  4. I am really sorry for double posting and not trying to be rude but isn't this what google is for? Questions like these?
  5. He's talking about EMC :)
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  6. my bad. Thanks for clarifying that, alex.
  7. I was stuck at this too a while back, once I went to preferences and contact details to unsubscribe, I seemed to be still getting email notifications from past threads. The fix was that I had to unwatch the old threads that I was getting emails from.

    Back when I was subscribed to getting emails, every thread I watched automatically sent mail when someone replied. When unsubscribed, the threads in the past still were subscribed - only the threads in the future will be unsubbed.

    Hopefully this makes sense - sorry if it was a bit unclear.
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