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  1. image.jpg dont know if its them but help!
  2. Their website is down ;-;
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  3. This. Just be patient and vote on another site.
  4. Well 3 vote sites that I know of use cloud flare and they seem to be offline within 10 minutes before and after every hour (1:00,2:00,3,00, etc)
  5. It's working for me.
  6. It's working now but does not seem to be registering votes with Empire Minecraft. I received no rupee or token rewards for voting just a few minutes ago.

    FYI, ever since the Empire Minecraft voting page at Minecraft-Server-List.com was brought back up a couple of months ago I have not received any vote rewards after doing so. I have continued to cast votes there out of principle but it would be nice to get a few perks as with the other sites.
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  7. Same as Hoops_McCann on not getting credit for voting today, but I've been getting my voter's rewards other days.
  8. While the site is up for me, the last two votes have no registered on EmpireMinecraft. Is this their problem or ours?
  9. I have also confirmed that my votes for topG haven't registered either.
  10. Same here.
  11. Oh, that's a problem. Thanks for telling me, but I don't think I can find a site to vote on now...
  12. You gotta leave the page open for like 5 minutes after you vote to receive the reward sometimes...
  13. Time to minimize page and do other things. :p
  14. Sorry guys been busy with work today and didn't get to post, but I am aware and emailed topg a few hours ago about this.

    But they have not responded yet, so we're still waiting.

    This means voting will not reward you for TopG and theres no way we can reimburse for missed votes, but we hope you can still vote for us to keep our rank up.

    But be sure to vote on other sites too to keep your streak up.
  15. But I have voted on all the other sites and didn't get my streak point. I'm worried. Will I lose my streak?
  16. If you don't vote within 30 hours...
  17. But I have voted and i vote every day but today even though I used all the sites to vote I didn't get a vote streak.
  18. 0-0
  19. I am kinda worried lol :/
  20. Will still vote on TopG. Have to keep our rank up.
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