[help] The Shop Item Is Not Recognized

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  1. So I started this ranch selling horse eggs. For the 3th time I have the complain that it doesn't work propper. People get after buying one "The Shop Item Is Not Recognized" all the time.

    So guess I'm doing something wrong? I have on sign [slot 1-27]. I place eggs on stats, not race.
    Does it has to be the same race if you put [slot 1-27]?
    I saw somebody else who had a chest that gave random breed. How can I fix that as well? Many thanks in advance!

  2. Does your shop actually say [slot 1-27] or is it [slot 1] and [slot x] up to 27?
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  3. [slot1-27] doesnt work just do [slot1]
  4. What I did when I once sold horse eggs, is I filled 26 of the slots with dirt, and put a horse egg into the 27th slot. I set up hoppers into the back of the chest to auto-refill the horses when they were bought. On the fourth line of the sign, put "[Slot 27]", and that should fix your problem. ;)
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  5. What Kyzoy said.
    Seems to be the only 'reliable' way to sell horse eggs.
    If you look around, almost everyone has that same chest-hopper-chest setup for a reason...
  6. Ok, thanks. Rebuild a shop with proper working chests :)
    No scamming, solid breeds. What you read is what you get.