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  1. So I used to get emails saying when someone commented on a post I commented or on my profile or messages me. Now I don't. So, I checked and my emails right and its set to send them to me but I just don't get them :( I feel pathetic asking this question, please help :)
  2. Wow I am a dunce, they were going to my spam. Wonder why they go there now.....
  3. Exact opposite... I hate the emails- I have 1500 unread messages from empire and Facebook combined :/
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  5. Mark them as spam
  6. Don't. This hurts any legitimate website.
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  7. If somebody legitimately is selling wither skulls and repeatedly asks in chat if someone wants one and you tell him to stop and he doesn't ... That's spam for a legitimate product. So I ask you this, if I request EMC ( a legitimate company) to stop emailing me and they don't... how is that not spam?
  8. If you disable alerts correctly then they will not come through via email.

    Some things have to be disabled from the Contact Details tab, rather than the Alert Preferences one.
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  9. Asking them no to and marking them as spam are two different things.