[Help!] The Big Interest Check

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  1. Basically what the title says...

    I always end up making threads, only to see them fail and have no replies. But I've never actually checked to see if people are interested in the things I post, so I'm going to check! :p

    I'll be updating this, since I have many many over night ideas....

    There won't be a poll for this, just a long list I'd like you to rate depending on how interested you'd be. I'll leave it simple at 1-5. 1 being not interested at all, 5 being maybe a little too interested :p

    If none of them interest you, that's fine, that's why I'm checking!

    Art Related

    How I draw/animate -
    - May include character design and such
    What if the Staff...? (Don't know about this? PM me!) -
    Simple animation and drawing 'shop' (More organised than before) -

    Book/Show/Series Related

    Warrior Cats -
    The Hunger Games -
    Death Note -
    Sword Art Online -
    Attack on Titan -
    You, Me and the Apocalypse (c'mon, someone else must watch this) -

    Game Related

    Games in Purple would be "First look" games, a quick thread to show a new game (I did this for Sims 4 when it came out!)

    League of Legends -
    Hearthstone -

    The Sims 4 -
    The Sims 3 -
    Trove -
    Dragomon Hunter -
    Aura Kingdom -

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  2. :D :D :D :D :D :D Warrior cats are bae <3
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  3. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS- OVER 9000!!!! (ALSOO 5!!!)
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  4. Hmm. I feel old and boring. I don't have much interest in any of these topics. Except for the Sims. I have played that darn game since the original one came out :D
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  5. SAO. I don't give a crap about any other choice, but SAO is bae 6/5 (Though I'm not too big of a fan about how season 2 played out..)
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  6. I'm seriously considering making a new, longer Sims 4 thread
    Also a Warrior Cats roleplay, but I'm still thinking... I have many ideas for it, like events and my own prophesies. I know there's a few people who like Warrior Cats here, but I don't know if they like rp as well?
  7. Sword art online?!?! Hide this from my sister!!!!! She will go crazy if she sees her favorite anime on here XD.

    Hunger games interests me :) (5)
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  8. SAO and sims are the ones that catch my eye :)
    (Plus Dota is better than League!)
  9. Sword art online... YEA! (4/5)
    And of course the Warriors series is one of my favorite aspects of my childhood (even though I still re read them :p) (6/5)
  10. My answers are written inside the quote for the sake of convenience.
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  11. Bumpy bump~