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  1. Hello, I am playing on this server with my girlfriend so we can play stuff together. We both build on my residence but she doesn't have any. I was curious if there was a way to have a simple teleport system for her to teleport to my residence; without using a long command.
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  2. Hey there, starmarst!

    You both can use /v 8798 to get to your residence. That's your address, by the way, so if anyone asks, now you know :D
    You can also use /v starmarst, but I believe that is the command you are trying to avoid
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  3. ^^ What Math said.

    But there's more :eek:

    If your friend doesn't have their own residence they can claim a new one. Tell them to use:
    • /v open (find a new available residence)
    • /claim
    You could also look around your residence to see if there's anything available.
    Apart from using numbers you can also add tags. This is basically a residence name which you can set for yourself. A commonly used tag is 'shop'. This allows players to use /v +shop (teleports them to a random residence with the 'shop' tag).

    But you can easily set another name yourself (you can set up to 2 tags). For example: if you visit SMP2 and use /v +shell, you'll end up on my residence. /v +poof on a friends residence, and so on.

    While standing on your res. try: /res tag add <name>, where '<name>' is something you like. Maybe star? => /res tag add star. Then you and your friend could use: /v +star, to get back to your residence.

    Maybe this can also help? :)
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