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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by jacob5089, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. I'm trying to launch steam but whenever I do it says I'm not connected although I have full wifi bars. Help?
  2. Have you tried turning it off and turning back on?
  3. ... No, actually :p
    Wait nvm all I had to do was drag it into applications :p
    Oops :D
    Thanks hylian!
    I look forward to playing TF2 or other free games if anyone else is up for it :)
    Double edit the download decided its going to take 3 hours...
  4. Ha! That's nothing, when I downloaded steam it was predicting the download finish using calendar dates. :p
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  5. What. How..... even.... what..... how good is your computer...... how good is your wifi..... why.... how...
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  6. I am up for a game or 2 of tf2
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  7. After dinner, I probably will be :D
  8. Guise I'm around, what's your steam names
  9. Dinkleberg5089 :p
    That way when I kill someone... image.jpg
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  10. Oh joy...
    I launched TF2, then clicked play multi and it froze...
  11. *claps*
  12. Mine was supposedly going to take a week :D
    Because I have a week to just let my computer stay on and download >_>
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