[HELP] Someone breaking a chest

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  1. Hello EMC :(

    So I have a wild community that is just barely started, right outside of SMP7's main spawn, and I got on today, and I noticed one of my DCs was broken. I also noticed that someone was placing wooden planks on one of my buildings.

    My main question here is: Is there a way to see who last modified a block, if so, what happens next?

    Thank you so much, and I'd really appreciate it if a Senior Staff member/ Moderator could help!

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  2. Only if someone places a sign. It stinks I know :(
    Though there is a way to see where people have been. Can't remeber what it's called.. But you can only get tempbanned if discovered by it.
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  3. I've fortunately never had this happen to me :)-- Sorry I'm not sure who to inquire with. Although, I know there are many great, friendly people on EMC who would know better than I :)
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  5. Pick two corners of your base, and use those. It should surround the area.
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  6. I have found two people in the area. REMOVED, a close, dear frined has said they were just "looking" I'm not so sure of this. Couls a staff member please look into the chat logs? The two suspects are REMOVED and REMOVED.
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  7. I suggest PMing those names and a screenshot of the EMC Investigator to a senior staff member(s) and include the area coords, since that is the most sure way of getting their attention.
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  8. With the Empires protection system coming sometime in the future, you will be able to protect areas of the wild. But these areas must be over 5k blocks away from any outpost, and over 3k blocks away from any other players outpost/build.

    So if you want to establish a longterm town, it's a good idea to do it at least 5k away from any outpost.

    Building this close to an outpost, you will get a lot of people finding it and traveling through. You can expect a lot of people to build/use the area.
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  9. I understand. I am not going to establish the outpost, and I knew the conditions before I started the outpost. I would like Woodside Cove to be the first major outpost to be right outside of the spawn, and survive for quite a long time (just like the LLO). I built this, hoping people would travel through, and build. What I was not hoping for people to do is steal from each other and grief.
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  10. Well, we can catch the griefers, and thieves, but you'll still have to do some rebuilding. :) I understand, as I also have some public facilities near spawn in the wild/nether. It is a job of continuous rebuilding/replacing of damaged areas. So long as you understand, that's fine :)